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Registered Nurses: This job group consists off jobs regarding to administering nursing care to the ill or injured. Includes nursing administration and instruction, and public health, industrial, private duty, and surgical nursing. Licensing or registration is required.

Job descriptions in this group:
Educational State Board Of Nursing Consultant
Community Health Nursing Director
Educational Community Health Nursing Director
Nursing Service Director
Jobal Health Nursing Director
School Of Nursing Director
Nurses Association Executive Director
School Nurse
Staff Community Health Nurse
Instructor Nurse
Psychiatric Aide Instructor
Consultant Nurse
Supervisor Community Health Nursing Nurse
Supervisor Evening Or Night Nurse
Infection Control Nurse
Supervisor Jobal Health Nursing Nurse
Head Nurse
Supervisor Nurse
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Midwife
General Duty Nurse
Nurse Anesthetist
Office Nurse
Private Duty Nurse
Staff Jobal Health Nursing Nurse

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