Agricultural Fishery Forestry And Related Jobs: A description for the agricultural fishery forestry and related jobs category

Agricultural Fishery Forestry And Related Jobs

Agricultural Fishery Forestry And Related Jobs: This job category consists off jobs regarding to propagating, growing, caring for, and gathering plant and animal life and products. Also included are jobs regarding to providing related support services, logging timber tracts, catching, hunting, and trapping animal life, and caring for parks, gardens, and grounds. Excluded are jobs requiring a primary knowledge or involvement with technologies, for example processing, packaging, and stock checking, regardless of their industry description. Managerial jobs in agriculture, fishery, and forestry are included in Group 180.

Job divisions in this category:
Plant Farming Jobs
Animal Farming Jobs
Miscellaneous Agricultural And Related Jobs
Fishery And Related Jobs
Forestry Jobs
Hunting Trapping And Related Jobs

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