Coating Calendering Laminating And Finishing Jobs: A description for the coating calendering laminating and finishing jobs group

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Coating Calendering Laminating And Finishing Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to imparting a desired finish or ensuring uniform thickness in materials by pressure applied with rollers, forming or pressing materials into thin sheets or layers and then adding them to other materials, covering materials and objects with a layer of another material for such purposes as preserving or decorating them, adding a desired surface effect to materials and objects, and removing blemishes from them.

Job descriptions in this group:
Plastic Sheets Finishing Supervisor
Coating Supervisor 1
Calender Operator
Coater 1
Plastics Spreading Machine Operator
Dyer 1
Buckle Strap Drum Operator
Strap Folding Machine Operator
Cathode Maker
Coater Operator 1
Roll Inspector
Four Roll Calender Operator
Calender Wind Up Tender
Laminating Machine Tender
Calender Let Off Operator
Masking Machine Operator
Roll Operator
Roofing Machine Operator
Caustic Operator
Foam Dispenser
Bulk Sealer Operator
Coating And Baking Operator
Combining Machine Operator
Liner Reroll Tender
Sizing Machine Operator
Printed Circuit Board Photoresist Laminator
Calender Feeder
Calender Let Off Helper
Calender Operator Helper
Calender Wind Up Helper

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