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Computer Related Jobs: This job division consists off jobs regarding to the application of computers and computer languages and the utilization of the computer in the design and solution of business, scientific, engineering and other technical problems. This job division does not include workers, for example accountants, stock brokers, and secretaries, who use computers to aid them in performing their work. Jobs regarding to the mathematical statement of problems for solution by computers are included in Group 020. Jobs regarding to the application of electronics and the principles of engineering to design and develop computing equipment are included in Group 003. Jobs regarding to writing user instructions for computer application programs are included in Group 131. Jobs regarding to training workers to use new or modified information processing procedures are included in Group 166. Jobs regarding to operating and monitoring computers are included in Group 213.

Job groups in this division:
Jobs In Systems Analysis And Programming
Jobs In Data Communications And Networks
Jobs In Computer Systems User Support
Jobs In Computer Systems Technical Support
Computer Related Jobs Nec

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