Cooperage Jobs: A description for the cooperage jobs group

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Cooperage Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to laying out stock and shaping, assembling, and smoothing barrels, casks, and similar containers.

Job descriptions in this group:
Cooperage Shop Supervisor
Head Inspector
Material Inspector
Barrel Brander
Barrel Charrer
Barrel Raiser
Hogshead Cooper 1
Tank Assembler
Air And Water Filler
Faucets Assembler
Barrel Drainer
Tight Barrel Inspector
Barrel Liner
Barrel Marker
Barrel Charrer Helper
Barrel Raiser Helper
Bung Driver
Channel Installer
Cooper Helper
Header 1
Heading Matcher And Assembler
Heading Repairer
Hogshead Cooper 2
Hogshead Cooper 2I
Hogshead Hooper
Hogshead Mat Assembler
Hogshead Mat Inspector
Leak Hunter
Leveler 1
Plugger 1

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