Disaster Or Damage Control Specialist: A description for the disaster or damage control specialist job

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Disaster Or Damage Control Specialist: Assists disaster preparedness officer in preparation and monitoring of disaster preparedness plans and procedures: Inspects protective equipment to determine operational readiness. Directs personnel in repair of equipment. Directs location, marking, and stocking of radiation shelters. Confers with superiors and civil defense personnel to provide information on radiological monitoring and survey, biological and chemical weapons and effects, protective measures and decontamination methods, and biological, chemical, and nuclear accident control to assist superior in development of local emergency plans. Tests suspected area to detect presence of toxic agents, using chemical detection equipment and identifies type of chemical agent. Tests areas for radioactive contamination, using portable measuring instruments. Collects biological samples and tests and identifies biological agents. Plots area of contamination on map. Informs superior of contaminated area and type of contamination. Recommends to superior method to be followed to decontaminate personnel, equipment, and area. Informs superior when decontamination has been completed. Conducts training in methods and techniques of defense during chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare.

Job industry: military industry

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Disaster Or Damage Control Specialist
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