Distilling Jobs: A description for the distilling jobs group

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Distilling Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to heating a mixture to vaporize the more volatile parts and separate them from the less volatile, and then cooling and condensing the vapor to produce a nearly pure or refined substance.

Job descriptions in this group:
Caustic Cresylate Shift Superintendent
Monomer Purification Operator
Oxygen Plant Operator
Recovery Operator 1
Batch Or Continuous Still Operator
Pyridine Operator
Distillation Operator
Distiller 1
Distiller 2
Extractor Operator 3
Acetone Recovery Worker
Batch Still Operator 1
Bath Mix Operator
Retort Condenser Attendant
Still Tender
Still Operator Helper
Extractor Operator Helper
Distillation Operator Helper

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