Drying Heating And Melting Jobs: A description for the drying heating and melting jobs group

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Drying Heating And Melting Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to subjecting materials to heat in order to warm, melt, dry, char, purify, or concentrate them.

Job descriptions in this group:
Oil Boiler
Drier Operator 4
Carbon Furnace Operator
Carbon Furnace Operator Helper
Furnace Worker
Coke Burner
Drier Operator 5
Furnace Operator 4
Paraffin Plant Sweater Operator
Still Operator 1A
Quality Control Tester
Bullet Lubricant Mixer
Drier Tender 4
Oven Tender 2
Thaw Shed Heater Tender
Hand Coke Drawer
Oven Dauber

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