Electronic Industry: A description for the electronic industry Industry

Electronic Industry

Electronic Industry: The electronic components and accessories industry consists off jobs regarding to manufacturing, assembling, and repairing electronic components. electronic components are parts of electronic equipment that affect the current characteristics within its circuit. included as electronic components are resistors, capacitors, coils, chokes, inductors, printed circuit boards, semiconductors, tubes, transistors, diodes, television antennas, headphones, piezoelectric crystals and crystal devices, computer logic modules filters, flipflops, gates, inverters, voltage dividers, delay lines, and wave guides. jobs regarding to the manufacture of electrical machinery, equipment, and appliances or wire telephone or telegraph equipment are included in the electrical equipment industry (electrical industry) and jobs regarding to the manufacture of radio and tv receiving and broadcasting equipment and accessories are included in the radio, television, and communication equipment industry (television industry). jobs regarding to manufacturing blank and prerecorded magnetic tapes and phonograph records are included in the recording industry (recording industry).

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