Engravers Etchers And Related Jobs: A description for the engravers etchers and related jobs group

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Engravers Etchers And Related Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to engraving or etching designs or lettering into surface of flat or curved metal objects, using engravers’ handtools and machines or etching acids and inks. Photoengravers and printing plate, die, and roller engravers are included in Division 97.

Job descriptions in this group:
Engraving Supervisor
Engraving Supervisor 1
Chemical Etching Processor
Engine Turner
Decorative Engraver Apprentice
Hand Hard Metals Engraver
Hand Soft Metals Engraver
Seals Engraver
Pantograph 1 Engraver
Machine 2 Engraver
Machine 1 Engraver
Pantograph 2 Engraver
Etcher 1
Silk Screen Etcher
Cleaner 2
Hand Etcher

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