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Feed Mixer: Batch-mixer operator, feeder operator, mash-feed-mixer operator Tends machines that mix stock or poultry feed according to formula and conveys it to packing machine or storage: Dumps specified number of sacks of meal, mash, grain, and meat scrap into machine hopper, or presses buttons on control panel to transfer individual ingredients from separate bins to batch scale hopper until specified weight of each ingredient is obtained. Weighs additives, for example minerals and vitamins, and dumps them into hopper. Starts machine to mix ingredients, and starts elevators and conveyors to transfer feed to storage tanks or packing machine hoppers. May also match color of mix with standard sample by adjusting automatic feeder controls to regulate amount of ingredient in mix. May also adjust nozzles, rheostat, or steam controls to spray heated molasses onto feed. May also record weight of feed mixed or ingredients used. May also be designated according to type of feed mixed as Dairy-Feed-Mixing Operator (feed industry), Poultry-Feed-Mixer Operator (feed industry), or according to ingredient mixed with feed as Limer (feed industry), Molasses-Feed Mixer (feed industry). May also tend machines that automatically weigh out specified amounts of mash and grain prior to mixing with ingredients and be designated Feeder Operator, Automatic (feed industry).

Job industry: feed industry

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