Fur And Leather Working Jobs: A description for the fur and leather working jobs group

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Fur And Leather Working Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to cutting, piecing, shaping, and sewing prepared skins of fur-bearing animals and leather to fit, alter, finish, or repair fur or fur-lined garments and accessories, and the fabrication of leather articles, for example harnesses, luggages, pocketbooks, purses, saddles, and other leather products. Fabrication and repair of hats, caps, gloves, and related products are included in Group 784. Fabrication and repair of footwear is included in Group 788.

Job descriptions in this group:
Furrier Shop Supervisor
Supervisor 45 I
Custom Leather Products Maker
Fur Cutter
Fur Finisher
Harness Maker
Luggage Maker
Saddle Maker
Fur Sorter
Fur Repair Inspector
Fur Blender
Fur Machine Operator
Sewing Machine Operator 1
Leather Goods 1 Assembler
Fur Nailer
Inspector Repairer 1
Leather Cutter
Leather Worker
Utility Bag Assembler
Covering Machine Tender
Disk And Tape Machine Tender
Laminator 1A
Marking Machine Tender
Leather Goods 2 Assembler
Fur Trimmer
Hide Inspector 1
Leather Parts Matcher
Hand Or Machine Paster
Table Worker 1

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