Furniture Finisher: A description for the furniture finisher job

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Furniture Finisher – Furniture refinisher, recoater, refinisher, wood finisher Finishes or refinishes damaged, worn, or used furniture or new high-grade furniture to specified color or finish, utilizing knowledge of wood properties, finishes, and furniture styling: Disassembles article, masks areas adjacent to areas being finished, or removes accessories for example knobs and hinges, using handtools, to prepare article for finishing. Removes old finish from surfaces, using steel wool, sandpaper, or solvent and putty knife. Removes excess solvent with cloth immersed in paint thinner or sal soda. Applies plastic-putty, wood putty, or lacquer-stick to surface, using spatula or knife, to fill nicks, depressions, holes, and cracks. Smooths surface for finishing, using sandpaper or power sander. Selects finish ingredients and mixes them by hand or machine to obtain specified color or shade or to match existing finish. Brushes or sprays successive coats of stain, varnish, shellac, lacquer, or paint on workpiece. Grains wood or paints wood trim, using graining roller, comb, sponge, or brush. Polishes and waxes finished surfaces. May also restore wood to natural color, using bleaching acid and neutralizer. May also spread graining ink over metal portions of surfaces with cheesecloth to simulate wood-grainlike finish. May also finish piano and organ cases and be designated Piano-And-Organ Refinisher (wood working). May also finish mirror and picture frames and be designated according to type of finish applied as Powder Gilder (wood products), Whitener (wood products). May also finish television receiver cabinets and be designated Television-Cabinet Finisher (wood working). May also finish wooden parts of custom-made firearms and be designated Finisher, Special Stocks (ordnance). May also stain and finish surfaces of new furniture pieces to simulate antiques, bringing out highlights and shadings by rubbing surfaces with abrasives or cloth, and be designated Antiquer (furniture industry).

Job industry: wood working

Other job descriptions:
Furniture Finisher
Furniture Finisher Apprentice
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Fabrication Supervisor
Dimension Warehouse Supervisor
Stocking And Box Shop Supervisor
Assembly Supervisor 2
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