Furniture Upholsterer: A description for the furniture upholsterer job

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Furniture Upholsterer – Upholsterer Repairs and rebuilds upholstered furniture, using handtools and knowledge of fabrics and upholstery methods: Removes covering, webbing, and padding from seat, arms, back, and sides of workpiece, using tack puller, chisel, and mallet. Removes defective springs by cutting cords or wires that hold them in place. Replaces webbing and springs or reties springs [SPRINGER (furniture industry) 780.684-106]. Measures and cuts new covering material [CUTTER, MACHINE (industry) I 781.684-014]. Installs material on inside of arms, back, and seat, and over outside back and arms of wooden frame. Tacks or sews ornamental trim, for example braid and buttons, to cover or frame [UPHOLSTERY TRIMMER (furniture industry) 780.684-126]. May also operate sewing machine to seam cushions and join various sections of covering material. May also repair wooden frame of workpiece. May also refinish wooden surfaces [FURNITURE FINISHER (wood working) 763.381-010]. May also upholster cornices and be designated Cornice Upholsterer (industry). May also repair seats, carpets, curtains, mattresses, and window shades of railroad coaches and sleeping cars and be designated Upholsterer (transportation industry).

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Other job descriptions:
Furniture Upholsterer
Furniture Upholsterer Apprentice
Limousine And Hearse Upholsterer
Pad Hand
Slipcover Cutter
Inside Upholsterer
Automobile Seat Cover And Convertible Top Installer
Upholstery Parts Sorter
Sewing Machine Operator
Slip Cover Sewer
Upholstery Sewer
Back Padder
Band Top Maker
Box Spring Maker 1
Box Spring Maker 2
Casket Coverer
Casket Liner
Chair Upholsterer
Cotton Dispatcher
Cushion Builder
Cushion Maker 1
Edge Roller
Foam Rubber Fabricator
Filler 1
Mattress Finisher
Mattress Maker
Cushion Padder
Metal Furniture Panel Coverer
Panel Maker
Pocketed Spring Assembler
Slip Seat Coverer
Spring Assembler 1
Spring Clipper
Convertible Sofa Bedspring Tester
Trimming Assembler
Outside Upholsterer
Upholstery Repairer
Upholstery Trimmer
Webbing Tacker
Assembly Line Upholsterer
Mattress Filling Machine Tender
Stuffing Machine Operator 1
Wire Border Assembler
Border Measurer And Cutter
Clipper And Turner
Hassock Maker
Inspector I5
Mattress Stripper
Mattress Spring Encaser
Padding Gluer
Spring Coverer
Hand Stapler
Stuffer 2
Hand Tufter
Upholsterer Helper
Upholstery Cleaner
Back Tufter
Inspector 31A
Skirt Panel Assembler
Pattern Marking Supervisor
Cutting Department Supervisor 1
Clothing Pattern Preparer
Assistant Designer
Patternmaker 7 I
Cartoon Designer
Leather Stamper
Pattern Grader Cutter
Sail Lay Out Worker
Grader Marker
Marker 3
Sail Cutter
Pleat Patternmaker
Assembler 25 I
Machine Trimmer 1
Carpet Cutter 1
Machine 1 Cutter
Rotary Shear Cutter
Cutting Inspector
Drapery Head Former
Lay Out Machine Operator
Nylon Hot Wire Cutter

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