Grinding Beating And Mixing Jobs: A description for the grinding beating and mixing jobs group

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Grinding Beating And Mixing Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to reducing logs, straw, rags, and similar cellulosic materials to chips, dust, powder, paste, pulp, or other smaller particles by means of compression, grinding, or agitation, and combining and mingling materials to produce a single mass or compound.

Job descriptions in this group:
Coating Mixer Supervisor
Beater Room Supervisor
Wood Room Supervisor
Head Wood Grinder
Color Developer
Pulp Refiner Operator
Mixer Helper
Synthetic Soil Blocks Pulper
Beater Engineer
Wood Grinder Operator
Beater Engineer Helper
Rag Cutting Machine Tender
Rag Cutting Machine Feeder
Pulp Grinder And Blender
Coating Mixer Tender
Beater And Pulper Feeder
Magazine Grinder Loader
Waste Paper Hammermill Operator
Rag Inspector

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