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Hand Rug Cleaner: Carpet cleaner, rug renovator, rug scrubber, rug shampooer, rug washer Cleans rugs with chemical solutions in plant or on customer’s premises, using handbrushes or portable scrubbing machine, determining washing method according to condition of rug: Vacuums rugs to remove loose dirt. Guides scrubbing machine over rug surface or sprays rug with cleaning solution under pressure to agitate nap and loosen embedded dirt. Removes excess suds and water from rug during scrubbing operation, using vacuum nozzle or squeegee. Identifies persistent stains and selects spotting agent to remove stain according to type of fiber, dye, and stain. Rubs chemical solution into rug with handbrush until stain disappears. Rinses rug, using water hose, and hangs rug on rack to dry. Pushes pilating (pile lifting) machine over surface of dried rug to raise and fluff nap or brushes pile, using broom. Removes excess water by feeding rugs between rollers of mechanical wringer, putting rugs in extractor, or going over surface with squeegee or vacuum nozzle. Brushes, sprays, or sprinkles sizing solutions on the backs of rugs, using handbrush, spray gun, or sprinkling can. May also scrub fragile or oriental rugs, using handbrush, soap, and water. May also spray acetic acid or salt solution over washed rugs to prevent colors from running. May also measure rugs to determine cleaning fee. May also clean upholstered furniture, using sponge, brush, and cleaning solutions. May also trim frayed edges of carpet and rebind carpet edges, using scissors, knife, needle, and thread. May also perform rug cleaning duties as employee of establishment, for example hotel.

Job industry: laundry industry

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