Hose Inspector And Patcher: A description for the hose inspector and patcher job

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Hose Inspector And Patcher – Inspects and repairs rubber hose, using handtools, vulcanizing equipment, and hydrostatic test equipment: Examines hose and couplings for defects, for example cracks, checks, and faulty seal around couplings. Tests hose, using hydrostatic (water or air) test equipment, to detect leaks and weaknesses in hose walls [HOSE TESTER (rubber goods)]. Cuts out defective area, using knife or saw, or strips rubber coating from fabric backing. Applies cement and cuts and cements patch to fabric backing or cements ends together after removal of defective section. Inserts repaired section in bench-molding machine and turns steam valve to vulcanize patch at specified temperature. Replaces couplings, steel bands, and gaskets, using pliers or crimping machine. Records vulcanizing time, nature of defects discovered, and repairs completed on quality control report. May also repair hose returned by customers, according to nature of complaint specified on work ticket.

Job industry: rubber goods

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