Information And Reception Clerks: A description for the information and reception clerks group

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Information And Reception Clerks: This job group consists off jobs primarily regarding to giving information to employers, customers, visitors, or the general public, inquiring in person, or by telephone, regarding such matters as activities of establishment, location of offices within firm, stock quotations, and credit status. It also consists off scheduling appointments and keeping records of callers and nature of inquiries. Jobs primarily regarding to interviewing persons to elicit and record information on registrations or other records are found in Group 205.

Job descriptions in this group:
Telephone Information Supervisor
Travel Information Center Supervisor
Automobile Club Information Clerk
Appointment Clerk
Call Out Operator
Information Clerk
Information Clerk 1
Land Leasing Examiner
Traffic 2 Manager 1
Pay Station Attendant
Referral And Information Aide
Telephone Quotation Clerk
Tourist Information Assistant

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