Inspector 31 I: A description for the inspector 31 i job

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Inspector 31 I – Brusher, hat measurer, passer, racker, repairer, selector, trimmer Inspects finished or partially finished hats, caps, hat parts, and millinery for defects and damage, and repairs less extensive flaws: Examines articles for irregularities, for example faulty coloring, shaping, sizing, and stitching. Rejects or returns extensively damaged articles to originating department for repair. Informs supervisor regarding types of article defects or damage. Repairs less extensive damage, performing any combination of following tasks: Trims excess material and loose or protruding threads, using clippers or scissors. Removes spots or stains from article, using sponge and water, and brushes surface of hat to remove dust or foreign matter. Applies sizing solution to cover holes or thin spots, using dauber or brush. Resews loose stitches and size tags, using needle and thread. Hangs or stacks hats and caps on rack or on table for packing. May also be designated according to specific inspection function as Hat-Body Inspector (hat industry), Hat-Cone Inspector (hat industry), Trimming Inspector (hat industry).

Job industry: hat industry

Other job descriptions:
Inspector 31 I
Leather Grader
Hat Body Sorter
Glove Sewer
Hat And Cap Sewer
Bow Maker 1
Hand Brim Ironer
Cap Maker
Decorator 7 I
Flanger 1
Foundation Maker 1
Hardener 1
Hat Braider
Hat Maker
Mender 1
Hand Rounder
Hand Sizer
Machine Sizer 1
Smoother 1
Steamer Blocker
Top Hat Body Maker
Trimmer 2
Band And Cuff Cutter
Brim Stitcher 1
Brim Raiser
Hand Crown Pouncer
Ear Muff Assembler
Hand Endband Cutter
Floorworker Distributor
Glove Pairer
Glove Turner
Inspector Packer
Liner 1
Material Assembler 1
Opener 1
Singer 4
Smoke Room Operator
Sticker 2
Straw Hat Brusher
Straw Hat Washer Operator
Wire Inserter
Hat Conditioner
Sweatband Shaper
Alteration Workroom Supervisor
Alteration Tailor
Custom Tailor
Alteration Tailor Apprentice
Custom Tailor Apprentice
Garment Fitter
Sample Stitcher
Shop Tailor
Shop Tailor Apprentice
Garment Manufacturing Supervisor
Zigzag Appliquer
Jumpbasting Armhole Baster
Handstitching Machine Armhole Feller
Lockstitch Armhole Sew And Trim Operator
Lockstitch Back Maker
Basting Machine Operator
Chainstitch Binder
Coverstitch Binder
Lockstitch Binder
Blindstitch Machine Operator
Jumpbasting Canvas Baster
Chainstitch Sewing Machine Operator
Lockstitch Coat Joiner
Jumpbasting Collar Baster
Handstitching Machine Collar Feller
Lockstitch Collar Setter
Overlock Collar Setter
Coverstitch Machine Operator
Lockstitch Cup Setter
Chainstitch Elastic Attacher
Coverstitch Elastic Attacher
Overlock Elastic Attacher
Zigzag Elastic Attacher
Jumpbasting Facing Baster
Chainstitch Felled Seam Operator
Flatlock Sewing Machine Operator
Lockstitch Front Maker
Lockstitch Front Edge Tape Sewer
Fur Machine Operator 1

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