Ironing Pressing Glazing Staking Calendering And Embossing Jobs: A description for the ironing pressing glazing staking calendering and embossing jobs group

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Ironing Pressing Glazing Staking Calendering And Embossing Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to imparting or restoring shape, smoothness, or finish to materials by application of pressure or tension usually accompanied by steam, imparting various effects to materials by running them under the pressure of a series of smooth or engraved rollers or plates, and stretching and softening leather in a staking machine to prevent cohesion of the fibers while drying.

Job descriptions in this group:
Pressing Department Supervisor
Pleating Supervisor
Calender Machine Operator
Coating And Embossing Unit Operator
Hand Pleater
Waist Pleater
Breaker Machine Tender
Brim Curler
Brim Presser 1
Brim And Crown Presser
Calender Operator 1
Embossing Machine Operator
Embossing Machine Operator Helper
Folding Machine Operator 2
Fusing Machine Tender
Hat Lining Blocker
Hydraulic Press Operator 1
Hydraulic Press Operator 2
Jacquard Twine Polisher Operator
Leather Etcher
Narrow Fabric Calenderer
Pillowcase Turner
Pleating Machine Operator
Press Operator 6
Buffing Wheel Presser
Roller Machine Operator
Seam Presser
Shaper And Presser
Steam Press Tender
Machine Straw Hat Presser
Straw Hat Plunger Operator
Strip Presser
Trimming Machine Operator
Yarn Polishing Machine Operator
Bead Machine Operator
Fusing Machine Feeder
Automatic Glove Turner And Former
Mangle Press Catcher
Outsole Flexer
Press Feeder
Press Hand

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