Jobs In Fabrication And Repair Of Notions: A description for the jobs in fabrication and repair of notions group

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Jobs In Fabrication And Repair Of Notions – This job group consists off jobs regarding to fabricating such items as pins, needles, plumes, brushes, artificial flowers, buttons, and zippers. Includes curling and dyeing feathers. Jobs regarding to fabricating ornamental buttons from precious metals are included in Group 700.

Job descriptions in this group:
Supervisor I4
Button Cutting Machine Operator
Wire Frame Maker
Needle Grinder
Feather Shaper
Feather Duster Winder
Inspector Repairer
Slide Fastener Repairer
Wire Frame Dipper
Stamper 1
Button Maker And Installer
Acetone Button Paster
Assembler 16 I
Assembler 17 I
Bobbin Disker
Buckle Inspector
Buckle Sorter
Buckle Wire Inserter
Button Grader
Button Reclaimer
Button And Buckle Maker
Covered Buckle Assembler
Hand Grinder 1
Hot Stone Setter
Slide Fasteners Inspector
Quill Buncher And Sorter
Shell Grader
Slide Fastener Chain Assembler
Slider Assembler
Sorter 4
Hand Splitter
Sticker 1
Hand Zipper Trimmer

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