Jobs In Motion Picture Television And Theatrical Productions Nec: A description for the jobs in motion picture television and theatrical productions nec group

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Jobs In Motion Picture Television And Theatrical Productions Nec – This job group consists off jobs, not elsewhere classified, regarding to erecting, raising, and lowering scenery, and positioning microphones and other equipment on sets, television studios, and outdoor locations, adjusting and controlling lighting to achieve desired camera effects, creating and editing sound and visual effects, installing rigging for acrobats and related entertainers, supplying properties, for example costumes and props, and controlling equipment to regulate sound and picture quality in motion pictures, radio, television, theatrical, and related productions. Jobs regarding to cutting and splicing of film and videotape are included in Group 976.

Job descriptions in this group:
Supervising Film Or Videotape Editor
Chief Recordist
Grip Boss
Costuming Supervisor
Prop Making Supervisor
Properties Supervisor
Technical Director
Sound Effects Manager
Program Assistant
Property Coordinator
Planetarium Technician
Stage Technician
Film Or Videotape Editor
Sight Effects Specialist
Prop Maker
Sound Effects Technician
Special Effects Specialist
Optical Effects Layout Person
Communications Technician
Light Technician
Draper 1
Lighting Equipment Operator
Miniature Set Constructor
Sound Cutter
Microphone Boom Operator
High Rigger
Recording Studio Set Up Worker
Dubbing Machine Operator
Acrobatic Rigger
Motor Power Connector
Prop Attendant
Dolly Pusher
Film Loader
Grip 1

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