Jobs In Moving And Storing Materials And Products Nec: A description for the jobs in moving and storing materials and products nec group

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Jobs In Moving And Storing Materials And Products Nec – This job group consists off jobs, not elsewhere classified, regarding to loading and moving materials and products, using work aids, other than machines, for example handtrucks, electric handtrucks or dollies, and wheelbarrows, shoveling, carrying, sorting, and stacking materials and products, and stock checking or records keeping not included in Division 22. Loading and moving materials and products by means of pumping equipment is included in Group 914.

Job descriptions in this group:
Senior Commissary Agent
Hide House Supervisor
Loading And Unloading Supervisor
Open Hearth Stockyard Supervisor
Warehouse Traffic Supervisor
Yard Supervisor 2
Priming Mixture Carrier
Flumer 1
Bin Tripper Operator
Used Building Materials Yard Worker
Locker Plant Attendant
Dumper 1
Lowerator Operator
Bin Filler
Binder And Wrapper Packer
Bobbin Sorter
Bolt Loader
Bull Gang Worker
Can Filler
Car Pincher
Coal Sampler
Cotton Sampler
Installer 1
Laboratory Sample Carrier
Stores Laborer
Wharf Laborer
Last Putter Away
Lumber Handler
Lumber Sorter
Paper Stripper
Pulp Piler
Returned Goods Sorter
Stevedore 2
Timber Packer
Tin Stacker
Yard Laborer

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