Metal Can Inspector: A description for the metal can inspector job

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Metal Can Inspector – Can-line examiner, can technician Inspects and tests metal cans for imperfections, using scaler and measuring devices: Pulls samples of tinplate or aluminum sheeting can bodies and ends from production lines, and inspects them for surface flaws in metal, defective seams, and machining defects, for example scratches, burrs, and dents. Measures sample, using micrometer or gauges, to verify dimensions. Records results of inspection in log for each machine. Stops production line when inspection reveals need for corrective maintenance. Tests cans for bursting strength, using hot oil-pressure tank. Feeds defective test cans through testing machines to verify efficiency of rejection mechanisms. Disassembles and flattens cans or lids, using handpress and cutters. Measures flanges, hooks, seams, curls, countersinks, beads, and inside and outside dimensions of cans, using dial gauges. Immerses coated cans and lids in chemical solutions for specified time to test resistance of coating. Weighs coated and uncoated can samples, and records and compares difference in weight with standard conversion charts to determine amount of coating deposited. Verifies temperature of drying ovens and solder baths to ensure uniformity of heating and melting processes.

Job industry: tin industry

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