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Mill Operator 1: Clay temperer Operates crushers, mixers, and blenders to grind, mix, and temper clay for use in molding ceramics products: Drives liftscoop tractor to convey clay from storage piles or bins and dumps material on crusher pit grates. Breaks up clay with bar or sledge. Starts crusher, conveyors, elevator, and vibrating screens to grind raw materials to specified size and to transport ground materials to storage bins. Examines screens and clears blockages, using wire brush. Weighs and dumps raw materials into mixing machine, following formula. Starts mixer and turns valve to feed water into mixing machine. Inserts instrument into mixture to measure water content. Discharges mixture onto conveyors leading to blending machine. Starts blending machine that mulls mixture into tempered clay. May also be designated according to machine operated as Blender Operator (brick industry), Crusher Operator (brick industry), Mixer Operator (brick industry), or according to kind of materials processed as Clay-Dry-Press-Mixer Operator (brick industry), Silica-Mixer Operator (brick industry).

Job industry: brick industry porcelain industry

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