Optical Instrument Assembler: A description for the optical instrument assembler job

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Optical Instrument Assembler – Performs any combination of following duties to assemble optical instruments, for example telescopes, level-transits, and gunsights: Reads work order, blueprints, and sketches to determine assembly procedure. Cleans elements, using tissue, cleaning solution, and compressed air device. Coats optical elements according to specifications [OPTICAL-ELEMENT COATER (optical industry)]. Cements multiple lens assemblies together [CEMENTER (optical industry)]. Picks up element, using vacuum-holding device, and positions element in mounting seat of instrument housing. Inserts and screws locking ring in housing to hold element in place. Applies cement to rings to prevent loosening. Assembles structural and mechanical parts of instrument according to blueprint specifications, using wrenches and screwdrivers. Computes standard trigonometric formulas to determine distance of test target from instrument. Positions target in darkroom tunnel and connects optical instrument to test devices, for example oscilloscope and collimator. Sights instrument on target and reads dials to determine optical center of instrument lens and to verify specified focusing power. Measures elements and instrument parts to verify dimensional specifications, using precision measuring instruments. Records inspection and test data. May also set up and operate lathe to modify instrument parts. May also paint instrument parts, using brush or spray gun. May also fill instrument housing with nitrogen gas to minimize corrosive effects on internal optical surfaces, using vacuum pump.

Job industry: optical industry

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