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Player Piano Technician – Installs, tests, and adjusts electronic mechanisms on pianos to convert pianos to self-playing, using handtools and electronic testing equipment and following blueprints: Drills holes in support blocks with portable drill and installs blocks under keyboard at specified angle with whip assembly, consisting of hammers that strike cords to produce musical sounds. Attaches track for mounting music roll and sliding carriage onto key bed of piano, using handtools, and positions electronic control box into carriage. Installs vacuum pump and unit, required to transmit action from music roll through controls to solenoids, using screws and handtools. Places bar containing electrical solenoids on attached support bars, aligning solenoids with whip assembly to ensure engagement of solenoids, whip assembly, and piano hammers. Wires, solders, and installs wiring to piano case and attaches vacuum hose to pump and controls. Places music roll on carrier, starts mechanism, turns controls, and determines if player mechanism functions as required. Makes adjustments or repairs to correct defects, using handtools and electronic testing equipment.

Job industry: musical instruments

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