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Railroad Transportation Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to transporting passengers and freight by controlling movement of trains, trolleys, and other railway vehicles, collecting fares from passengers and giving information incidental to driving vehicles, supplying fuel, adjusting alignment of tracks, signaling operational information, physically shifting railway cars in classification yards, cleaning and lubricating equipment, and related activities.

Job descriptions in this group:
Baggage And Mail Agent
Car Cleaning Supervisor
Circus Train Supervisor
Yard Conductor
Freight Loading Supervisor
Road Supervisor Of Engines
Station Agent 1
Yard Manager 1
Car Chaser
Assistant Chief Train Dispatcher
Rail Flaw Detector Operator
Tower Operator 1
Locomotive Firer
Locomotive Engineer
Yard Engineer
Passenger Train Braker
Road Freight Brake Coupler
Car Distributor
Engine Dispatcher
Locomotive Operator Helper
Passenger Representative
Way Inspector
Car Retarder Operator
Tank Car Inspector 1
Perishable Fruit Inspector
Railroad Car Inspector
Car Barn Laborer
Track Moving Machine Operator
Yard Coupler
Car Inspector
Loading Inspector
Perishable Freight Inspector
Switch Tender
Transfer Table Operator Helper
Passenger Service Representative 2
Hostler 1
Motor Operator
Track Surfacing Machine Operator
Transfer Table Operator
Portable Grinding Machine Operator
Track Repairer
Baggage Handler
Car Cooper
Car Icer
Delta System Freight Car Cleaner
Track Oiler

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