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Sales Jobs Agricultural And Food Products: This job group consists off jobs regarding to selling farm products, for example grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, poultry, livestock, and raw wool, cut flowers, animal hides, skins, and fur pelts, milled products, for example flour, meal, and cereals (except farm-animal feed), food staples and specialties, for example meat, seafood, dairy and bakery products, canned goods, coffee, candy, and tobacco, pet foods, and beverages, for example soft drinks, wine, and liquor. Jobs regarding to selling farm-animal feed and horticultural and nursery products, for example seeds, bulbs, shrubs, and trees, are found in Group 272.

Job descriptions in this group:
Livestock Sales Representative
Agricultural Produce Commission Agent
Food Products Sales Representative
Malt Liquors Sales Representative
Tobacco Products And Smoking Supplies Sales Representative
Flowers Salesperson

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