Sales Jobs Sporting Hobby Stationery And Related Goods: A description for the sales jobs sporting hobby stationery and related goods group

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Sales Jobs Sporting Hobby Stationery And Related Goods: This job group consists off jobs regarding to selling amusement devices, for example games and toys, sporting and athletic goods, for example firearms and ammunition, fishing tackle, golf and tennis goods, bicycles, billiard tables, skates, and gymnasium and playground equipment, photographic equipment and supplies, for example cameras, projectors, film, and enlargers, musical instruments and accessories, sheet music, phonograph records, and prerecorded tapes, pets and pet supplies, hobby goods, including stamps and coins for collectors, souvenirs, trinkets, and novelties, books and periodicals, and stationery goods and greeting cards. Jobs regarding to selling industrial photographic equipment, for example blueprinting and diazotype (white printing) equipment, are included in Group 274. Jobs regarding to selling commercial photographic equipment, for example photocopy and microfilm equipment, are included in Group 275.

Job descriptions in this group:
Pianos And Organs Salesperson
Hobbies And Crafts Sales Representative
Musical Instruments And Accessories Sales Representative
Novelties Sales Representative
Publications Sales Representative
Recreation And Sporting Goods Sales Representative
Writing And Marking Pens Sales Representative
Books Salesperson
Musical Instruments And Accessories Salesperson
Pets And Pet Supplies Salesperson
Phonograph Records And Tape Recordings Salesperson
Photographic Supplies And Equipment Salesperson
Sheet Music Salesperson
Sporting Goods Salesperson
Stamps Or Coins Salesperson
Toy Trains And Accessories Salesperson
Art Objects Salesperson

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