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Sales Jobs Transportation Equipment Parts And Supplies: This job group consists off jobs regarding to selling transportation equipment, for example motor vehicles (automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and motor homes and campers) and equipment, aircraft and parts, boats, ships, marine supplies, railroad equipment, and camping, house, and utility trailers, and accessories, for example tires, tubes, and batteries. Jobs regarding to selling bicycles and small recreational vehicles, for example powered golf carts and snowmobiles, are included in Group 277. Jobs regarding to selling tractors, farm vehicles, and parts are included in Group 272.

Job descriptions in this group:
Aircraft Sales Representative
Automobiles Salesperson
Aircraft Equipment And Parts Sales Representative
Automotive Leasing Sales Representative
Boats And Marine Supplies Sales Representative
Motor Vehicles And Supplies Sales Representative
Railroad Equipment And Supplies Sales Representative
Automobile Accessories Salesperson
Trailers And Motor Homes Salesperson

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