Sewing Machine Operator 1A: A description for the sewing machine operator 1a job

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Sewing Machine Operator 1A – Operates sewing machine to join parts of fabricated textile products, canvas products, and trimmed and stamped art goods: May also insert wire or draw-string cord under edge of material to fabricate articles, for example clothes pin bags, laundry bags, or ironing board covers. May also be designated according to function performed as Core-Covering Sewer (textile products), Filter-Cloth Maker (textile products), Finger-Buff Sewer (textile products), Parachute-Accessories Attacher (textile products), Parachute-Crown Sewer (textile products), Parachute-Cushion Installer (textile products), Parachute-Panel Joiner (textile products). May also stitch binding tape or zippers to exposed edges of canvas products. May also stamp grommets into edges of canvas products, using mallet and punch or eyelet machine. May also be designated according to type of article joined or type of stitch sewn as Awning Assembler (textile products), Cloth Joiner, Tents (textile products), Sail Finisher, Machine (textile products), Tent Assembler (textile products). May also operate double-needle machine to trim or reinforce fabric used for stamped art goods (decorative cloth) or products, for example coat, dress, and millinery trimming and be designated according to operation performed as Hemstitching-Machine Operator (textile products), Mender (textile products). May also fold bag material so that edges meet prior to sewing, sew mailing tags into seams, or close seams missed during assembly of textile bags. May also be designated according to type of bag or material sewn as Burlap-Bag Sewer (textile products), Canvas-Bag Maker (textile products), Charge-Bag Sewer (textile products), Cotton-Bag Sewer (textile products), Jute-Bag Sewer (textile products), Waterproof-Bag Sewer (textile products). Performs other duties as described under SEWING-MACHINE OPERATOR, REGULAR EQUIPMENT (industry) Master Title.

Job industry: textile products

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