Singeing Cutting Shearing Shaving And Napping Jobs: A description for the singeing cutting shearing shaving and napping jobs group

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Singeing Cutting Shearing Shaving And Napping Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to burning, scraping, scratching, and similarly working materials for such purposes as removing undesirable components (lint and hair) from them, smoothing their surfaces, removing desirable components (shearing fur from pelts), severing material into sections to facilitate further processing, and obtaining special effects, for example producing a woolly surface on fabrics by passing them over rollers covered with sharp, thin points, or bristles, which scratch and pull up the fibers.

Job descriptions in this group:
Corduroy Cutting Supervisor
Cutting Machine Fixer
Corduroy Cutter Operator
Napper Tender
Fur Plucker
Hand Trimmer
Brim Pouncing Machine Operator
Machine Buffer
Chinchilla Machine Operator
Machine Cloth Trimmer
Concaving Machine Operator
Corduroy Brusher Operator
Cut Lace Machine Operator
Electrifier Operator
Fur Cutting Machine Operator
Gig Tender
Jigger Crown Pouncing Machine Operator
Label Pinker
Mellowing Machine Operator
Napper Tender 1
Pouncing Lathe Operator
Rolling Machine Operator 1
Rotary Cutter
Rounding Machine Operator
Rug Inspector 1
Shaving Machine Operator
Shearing Machine Feeder
Shearing Machine Operator
Singer 2
Blockers Skiver
Machine Splitter
Stripping Cutter And Winder
Sweatband Separator
Machine Trimmer
Feather Cutting Machine Feeder
Beaming Inspector
Carpet Cutter 2
Cloth Edge Singer
Shade Cloth Finisher
Singer 3

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