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Test And Research Reactor Operator: Controls operation of nuclear reactor to create fissionable materials used for research purposes, study structure of atoms, and determine properties of materials: Positions fuel elements (uranium) and object to be irradiated in position in reactor core, using slave manipulators. Installs instrumentation leads in core to measure operating temperature and pressure in reactor working from mockups, blueprints, and wiring and instrumentation diagrams. Activates reactor and inserts object to be irradiated into rabbit (pneumatic) tube, beam hole, or irradiation tunnel according to size of object and nature of experiment. Monitors instruments at console and reactor panels to control chain reaction, following directions of nuclear experimenters. Calculates applicable limits of operating factors, for example temperature and pressure, using standard formulas, and adjusts controls to maintain operating conditions, for example power level, airflow and waterflow, temperature, and radiation and neutron levels in reactor within operating limits. Records data, for example type of material irradiated, exposure time, pile atmospheric conditions, and position of control rods in core. Disassembles reactor parts, for example core plug (shield) and control rods, using crane and handtools. Lifts spent fuel elements and irradiated objects from core, using extension tool, and drops them through chute into canal for recovery of fissionable material. May also work as member of team and alternate between operating reactor controls and monitoring instruments, gauges, and other recording devices in control room.

Job industry: professional industry

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