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Travel Guide: Guide, excursion, guide, itinerary, guide, tour Arranges transportation and other accommodations for groups of tourists, following planned itinerary, and escorts groups during entire trip, within single area or at specified stopping points of tour: Makes reservations on ships, trains, and other modes of transportation, and arranges for other accommodations, for example baggage handling, dining and lodging facilities, and recreational activities, using communication media, for example cable, telegraph, or telephone. Accompanies tour group and describes points of interest. May also assist tourists to plan itinerary, obtain travel certificates, for example visas, passports, and health certificates, and convert currency into travelers’ checks or foreign moneys. May also be designated according to method of transportation used as Guide, Cruise (personal services), or locality of tour as Guide, Domestic Tour (personal services), Guide, Foreign Tour (personal services).

Job industry: personal services

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