Utility Gelatin Maker: A description for the utility gelatin maker job

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Utility Gelatin Maker: Performs any combination of following duties to relieve other workers in producing gelatin or glue from animal stock (skins, splits, fleshings, and trimmings): Tends equipment to wash animal stock used to make gelatin and glue [WASH-MILL OPERATOR (chemical industry)] and lime vats to loosen hair and open pores of stock [LIMER (chemical industry) (leather industry)]. Tends equipment to cook stock for broth [COOK (chemical industry)], and operates evaporator to dehydrate broth to concentrate gelatin contents [EVAPORATOR OPERATOR (chemical industry) I]. Tends press to filter impurities from gelatin or glue [FILTER-PRESS OPERATOR (industry)]. Tends equipment to spread gelatin or glue into sheets for drying [SPREADING-MACHINE OPERATOR (chemical industry)] and equipment that grinds, weighs, and packages gelatin or glue [GLUE-MILL OPERATOR (chemical industry)].

Job industry: chemical industry

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