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Weigher Bulker: Operates battery of agitator-equipped tanks to blend base perfume fragrances for use in items, for example soaps, perfumes, and insecticides: Rolls drums or trays of solid material into heating chamber to melt and prepare for bulking. Sets thermostat to prescribed temperature and leaves drums in chamber for specified period. Starts blower to cool chamber. Pushes materials to bulking area. Rolls trays of containers or drums of liquid material to bulking tanks. Dumps or pumps specified quantities into tanks. Starts agitators in tanks and allows materials to blend for specified periods. Examines materials in tanks for impurities and to determine if color conforms to standard. Places empty drum on preset floor scale. Attaches filter press hoses to outlet on blending tank and to drum intake spout. Opens valve to drain material from tank through filter press to drum. Sets thermostat at prescribed temperature and dumps flaked or crystallized material into steam-jacketed kettle to melt. Ties filter cloth on discharge spout, and turns spigot to drain material into bucket. Dumps material from bucket into casting trays and allows to cool until congealed. Removes congealed cubes or slabs from casting trays, using wooden mallet, and stores in plastic lined containers. Draws off samples from each bulked lot and labels it for laboratory files. Seals containers. Stencils lot numbers on drums or affixes labels to bottles and cans. Maintains record of bulking operations. Transports drums and other containers on trays or handtrucks to storage room. Cleans tanks, filter presses, and other equipment, using solvents, hoses, and brushes. May also add prescribed chemicals to bulked materials to neutralize acid or control color. May also blend materials by stirring with paddle.

Job industry: chemical industry

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