Agricultural Produce Packer: A description for the agricultural produce packer job

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Agricultural Produce Packer – Packer Packs agricultural produce, for example bulbs, fruits, nuts, eggs, and vegetables, for storage or shipment, performing any combination of following duties: Lines box, barrel, basket, carton, or crate with treated paper, cardboard, excelsior, or prepared padding, or inserts paper trays or separators in container. Places rows of produce in layers in containers, and inserts excelsior, shredded cellophane, or paper trays after each layer and over top layer of produce, or scoops produce into container. Wraps produce in treated paper, foil, or plastic film wrap before placing produce in container. Packs exposed top layer of produce, arranging produce in successive rows in container. Positions basket liner upside down over ring of produce on pallet and fills basket liner with specified amount of produce. Places basket upside down over filled liner on pallet. Pushes basket and pallet over conveyor rollers onto table of turning frame, clamps basket and pallet in place, and moves lever to turn basket upright. Fits lid on container and nails, wires, or tapes in place. Stamps grade, brand, and date of packing on container. Washes and trims produce, for example lettuce and carrots, preparatory to packing, working in warehouse or on harvesting machine in field. Sorts produce according to size, color, and grade before packing. May also weigh packed produce and add or remove produce from container to obtain specified weight. May also be designated Apple Packer (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Basket Turner (agricultural services industry), Face-And-Fill Packer (agricultural services industry), Lettuce Trimmer (agricultural services industry), Ring Packer (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Topper Packer (agricultural services industry), Apricot Packer (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Avocado Packer (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Boxer (agricultural services industry), Capper (agricultural services industry), Cherry Packer (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Citrus-Fruit Packer (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Crater (agricultural services industry), Crate Tier (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Culled-Fruit Packer (agricultural services industry), Egg Packer (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Fruit Packer, Face-And-Fill (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Fruit Packer, Wrap-And-Place (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Header (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Lidder (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Make-Up Market Worker, Truck Garden (agricultural services industry), Melon Packer (agricultural services industry), Mushroom Packer (agricultural services industry), Pear Packer (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Plant Packer (agricultural services industry), Plant Wrapper (agricultural services industry), Plum Packer (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Ring Facer (agricultural services industry), Seed Packer (agricultural services industry), Tobacco Packer (agricultural services industry), Tree Wrapper (agricultural services industry).

Job industry: agricultural services industry

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