Overhead Crane Operator: A description for the overhead crane operator job

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Overhead Crane Operator – Crane operator, cab, crane operator, ground control, traveling-crane operator Operates traveling or stationary overhead crane (cab- or ground controlled) to lift, move, and position loads, for example machinery, equipment, products, and solid or bulk materials, using hoisting attachments, for example hook, sling, electromagnet, or bucket: Observes load hookup and determines safety of load. Manipulates or depresses crane controls, for example pedals, levers, and buttons, to regulate speed and direction of crane and hoist movement according to written, verbal, or signal instructions. Cleans and maintains crane and hoisting mechanism. Inspects crane for defective parts and notifies supervisor of defects or malfunctions. May also attach load to hook or other crane accessory prior to operating crane and be designated Crane Operator-Hooker (mill industry) or Crane Operator-Hooktender (aerospace industry). May also be designated by type of crane operated or material handled as Bridge Crane Operator (industry), Charging-Crane Operator (foundry) (mill industry) I, Cinder Crane Operator (foundry) (mill industry) I, Gantry Crane Operator (industry), Hot-Metal Crane Operator (foundry) (primary industry) (mill industry) I, Ingot Stripper (mill industry) I, Scrap Crane Operator (mill industry) I, Tower Whirler Operator (industry), Wall-Crane Operator (foundry).

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