Agricultural Produce Sorter: A description for the agricultural produce sorter job

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Agricultural Produce Sorter: Alternate titles: sorter, food products Sorts agricultural produce, for example bulbs, fruits, nuts, and vegetables: Segregates produce on conveyor belt or table, working as crewmember, according to grade, color, and size, and places produce in containers or on designated conveyors. Discards cull (inferior or defective) items and foreign matter. Bunches, ties, and trims produce, for example asparagus, carrots, celery, and radishes. Picks out choice produce to be used as cappers (top layers on marketing containers). Packs produce in boxes, barrels, baskets, or crates for storage or shipment [PACKER, AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE (agricultural services industry) 920.687-134]. May also be designated according to work performed as Apple Sorter (agricultural services industry) (canning industry) (trade industry), Asparagus Grader And Buncher (agricultural services industry), Capper Picker (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Citrus-Fruit-Packing Grader (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Cull Grader (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Potato Grader (agricultural services industry) (trade industry). May also be designated: Asparagus Sorter (agricultural services industry) (canning industry) (trade industry), Banana Grader (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Bulb Sorter (agricultural services industry), Cherry Sorter (agricultural services industry) (canning industry) (trade industry), Cranberry Sorter (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Fig Sorter (agricultural services industry) (canning industry) (trade industry), Flower Grader (agricultural services industry), Fruit Sorter (agricultural services industry) (canning industry) (trade industry), Hop Sorter (agricultural services industry), Nut Sorter (agricultural services industry), Peach Sorter (agricultural services industry) (canning industry) (trade industry), Potato Sorter (agricultural services industry) (trade industry), Seed Sorter (agricultural services industry), Tomato Grader (trade industry), Vegetable Sorter (agricultural services industry) (canning industry) (trade industry), Mushroom Sorter-Grader (canning industry), Trimmer-Sorter (canning industry), Sorter-Grader (canning industry), Raspberry Checker (canning industry).

Job industry: agricultural services industry canning industry trade industry

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