Coating Machine Operator 2: A description for the coating machine operator 2 job

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Coating Machine Operator 2: Grounding-machine operator, paper coater Operates machine to glaze or impregnate paper with size or coating mixtures: Adjusts spreader rollers and aligns or fastens brushes or scraper blade in machine, using handtools, to spread coating to specified depth on paper. Loads paper roll on machine feedrack, using hoist, and threads paper through spreader, pressure, and drying rolls. Turns valve to admit specified coating mixture into machine tank. Starts machine and observes paper to detect wrinkles, breaks, and uneven coating. Turns handwheels or levers to adjust tension of paper and pressure of rollers. May also measure depth of coating, using micrometer. May also be designated according to coating material used as Clay-Coating-Machine Tender (pulp and paper industry) (paper industry), Varnisher-Plasticoater (products industry). May also coat printed wallpaper with plastic solution to waterproof it and be designated Waterproof-Coating-Machine Tender (paper industry).

Job industry: pulp and paper industry paper industry

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