Airplane Pilots And Navigators: A description for the airplane pilots and navigators group

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Airplane Pilots And Navigators: This job group consists off jobs regarding to piloting airplanes for the transportation of passengers, freight, and mail, and other purposes, for example crop dusting and the testing of new models, and charting the courses of planes by the use of instruments, charts, celestial observation, and dead reckoning. Must be federally licensed. Includes jobs regarding to the supervision of flight operations and maintenance when a pilot’s or navigator’s license is required. Includes flight instructors. Ground school instructors are included in Group 099.

Job descriptions in this group:
Flight Operations Inspector
Supervising Airplane Pilot
Chief Pilot
Flying 2Nstructor
Pilot Instructor
Airplane Pilot
Commercial Airplane Pilot
Photogrammetry Airplane Pilot
Check Pilot
Remotely Piloted Vehicle Controller
Executive Pilot
Facilities Flight Check Pilot
Helicopter Pilot
Test Pilot

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