Jobs In Medicine And Health: A description for the jobs in medicine and health division

Jobs In Medicine And Health

Jobs In Medicine And Health: This job division consists off jobs regarding to the health care of humans or animals in the fields of medicine, surgery, and dentistry, and in related patient-care areas, for example nursing, therapy, dietetics, prosthetics, rehabilitation, diagnostic imaging, and pharmacy. Also includeed are jobs in sanitation, environmental and public health, and in laboratories and other health facilities. Many jobs in this category require licensing or registration to practice or use a specific title.

Job divisions in this category:
Jobs In Education
Jobs In Museum Library And Archival Sciences
Jobs In Law And Jurisprudence
Jobs In Religion And Theology
Jobs In Writing
Jobs In Art
Jobs In Entertainment And Recreation
Jobs In Administrative Specializations
Managers And Officials Nec
Miscellaneous Professional Technical And Managerial Jobs

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