Automobile Tire Builder: A description for the automobile tire builder job

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Automobile Tire Builder – Builds pneumatic tires on collapsible drum device from rubber components, for example beads, ply stock, tread, and sidewalls: Positions ply stitcher rollers and drum according to width of stock, using handtools and gauges. Rubs cement stick on drum edge to provide adhesive surface for plies. Pulls ply from supply rack and aligns with edge of drum. Depresses pedal to rotate drum, winds specified number of plies around drum to form tire body. Cuts ply at splice point and presses ends together to form continuous band. Brushes solvent onto ply to ensure adhesion and repeats process as specified, alternating direction of each ply to strengthen tire. Pushes switch to move bead setters that press prefabricated beads onto plies and to position rollers that turn edges of plies under and over beads. Winds chafers and breaker onto plies. Aligns tread with guide, Starts drum to wind tread onto plies, and splices ends. Starts rollers that bond tread and plies as drum revolves. Depresses pedal to collapse drum and lifts tire onto conveyor. May also turn ends of plies under and over beads with steel rod. May also build heavy-service or limited production tires for aircraft, trucks, or equipment and be designated Tire Builder, Heavy Service (rubber tire).

Job industry: rubber tire

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