Billing And Rate Clerks: A description for the billing and rate clerks group

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Billing And Rate Clerks: This job group consists off jobs regarding to making computations with or without machines for purposes of preparing or verifying bills, invoices, rates, tariffs, duties, and statements of amounts due for items purchased or services rendered. It consists off counting or tallying to obtain data on which payments are based. Jobs regarding to preparing bills and invoices involving substantial use of typewriter are found in Group 203. Jobs regarding to using knowledge of bookkeeping principles and procedures to compute, classify, and record numerical data to keep sets of financial records are found in Group 210. Jobs regarding to preparing numerical records of time worked or units produced for payroll or timekeeping purposes are found in Group 215. Jobs regarding to making computations involving various aspects of production are found in Group 221.

Job descriptions in this group:
Documentation Supervisor
Statement Clerks Supervisor
Rate Supervisor
Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Freight Rate Analyst
Demurrage Clerk
Documentation Billing Clerk
Insurance Clerk
Invoice Control Clerk
Passenger Rate Clerk
Tariff Inspector
Traffic Rate Clerk
Billing Clerk
Statement Clerk
Billing Typist
Cod Clerk
Interline Clerk
Revising Clerk
Settlement Clerk
Billing Control Clerk
Rate Reviewer
Services Clerk
Accounts Adjustable Clerk
Foreign Clerk
Message And Delivery Service Pricer
Billing Machine Operator
Deposit Refund Clerk
Medical Voucher Clerk
Chart Calculator
Telegraph Service Rater
Traffic Clerk 1

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