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Computing And Account Recording Jobs: This job division consists off jobs regarding to systematizing information about transactions and activities into accounts and quantitative records, and paying and receiving money. It consists off such activities as keeping and verifying records of business and financial transactions, receiving and disbursing money in banks and other establishments, operating data processing and peripheral equipment, computing and verifying amounts due for goods and services, preparing payrolls, timekeeping records, and duty rosters, combining data and performing computations to create statistical records, and computing costs of production in relation to other factors to determine profit and loss. Activities regarding to computing amounts of materials, equipment, and labor to determine production costs, and activities regarding to coordinating, scheduling, or monitoring production processes are found in Division 22.

Job groups in this division:
Bookkeepers And Related Jobs
Cashiers And Tellers
Computer And Peripheral Equipment Operators
Billing And Rate Clerks
Payroll Timekeeping And Duty Roster Clerks
Accounting And Statistical Clerks
Account Recording Machine Operators Nec
Computing And Account Recording Jobs Nec

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