Case Preparer And Liner: A description for the case preparer and liner job

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Case Preparer And Liner: Cleans rocket-motor cases and lines them with heat-resistant coatings by performing any combination of following tasks: Moves motor cases through various process stations of building, using hoist and conveyor system. Attaches and removes special handling devices (handling rings) on motor cases, using wrenches and other handtools or portable power tools. Immerses case in chemical bath for specified period to remove protective coatings or contaminants. Wipes solution from inside of case, using cloth. Removes chemical film from surface of case, using sandblasting equipment [SANDBLASTER (industry)]. Paints outside of motor case, using spray gun. Bakes motor case in drying oven. Lowers motor case onto bed of lining machine. Connects turntable to end of motor case, using wrenches. Starts machine which rotates case and sprays heat-resistant material on inside of case. Examines coating for voids or other defects. Conveys lined motor case to curing oven. Observes recording instrument charts on control panel of curing oven to verify specified temperatures and curing time. Lowers cured cases onto skids and covers ends with paper and gummed tape.

Job industry: ordnance

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