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Leacher: Controls equipment to leach out metal from ore in solution: Weighs sample of solution and evaporates moisture from it, using heater. Reweighs sample to determine percentage of solid material in solution. Siphons water from solution to obtain specified concentration, following chart. Turns valves to feed chemicals, for example cyanide or acid, into tank of ground ore or filtered slime. Starts mechanical agitators and observes percolation of solution to ascertain dissolution of ore. Tests solution with hydrometer to determine degree of ore concentration. Obtains sample of solution for laboratory analysis. May also supervise workers in loading and excavating leaching tanks. May also tend filtering machine to separate fluids from metal. May also tend pumps to force ground ore and solution into or from tanks. May also lubricate equipment and clean tank with water hose. May also heat solution in tank with steam and add premeasured amounts of solid materials, for example manganese. May also be designated according to ore leached as Molybdenum-Leaching-Plant Operator (smelting).

Job industry: smelting

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