Chemical Reclamation Equipment Operator: A description for the chemical reclamation equipment operator job

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Chemical Reclamation Equipment Operator: Tends equipment that distills printed circuit board (PCB) processing solvents from PCB processing waste solutions and etches gold from PCB’s to reclaim gold and solvents: Places gold covered board section in drum and inserts drum in agitation system of rinse tank manually, and presses button to start and stop agitation at specified interval to rinse boards. Removes drum from rinse tank and places drum in agitator system of reclamation tank. Pushes button to start and stop agitator at specified interval to remove gold from boards. Removes drum from reclamation tank and places drum in agitator system of rinse tank. Pushes button to start and stop agitation system at specified interval to rinse boards. Removes drum from rinse tank and places PCB’s into barrel. Pushes switch on rinse tank to pump gold solution from tank into empty barrel. Pushes buttons on still to start pumps and equipment that distill PCB processing solvents from solutions. Observes gauges on panel indicating collection barrels are full and presses button to shut off system.

Job industry: electronic industry

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