Cocoa Bean Roaster 2: A description for the cocoa bean roaster 2 job

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Cocoa Bean Roaster 2: Sets up and operates such equipment as continuous roaster, cracker and fanner, dryer, and grinder, to process cocoa beans to make chocolate liquor: Turns gas valves and electric switches to start and heat roaster. Sets thermostat and rheostat to control temperature of roaster and speed of rotation. Starts conveyor to transfer specified type and amount of beans from storage to roaster. Examines sample of beans for color, tastes beans for flavor, and crumbles beans to determine moisture content. Adjusts temperature and speed of roaster in accordance with findings. Starts cracking and fanning machine to break and remove husks from roasted cocoa beans [CRACKING-AND-FANNING-MACHINE OPERATOR (sugar industry)]. Observes nibs (cracked roasted cocoa beans) and shells to evaluate husking process, and adjusts machine accordingly. Opens slide gate on fanner to convey nibs scheduled for dutch processing [DRIER OPERATOR (sugar industry)]. Starts agitator to mix beans in treating tank for specified time. Opens tank gate to release beans for conveying to dryer. Starts gas-fired dryer, sets rheostat, and feels beans for dryness. Starts conveyor to move dried beans to roaster for roasting or to grinding machine [LIQUOR-GRINDING-MILL OPERATOR (sugar industry)]. Turns valve to pump chocolate liquor to storage tanks. Patrols area to observe coordination of machine and equipment to ensure orderly flow of material at specified rates.

Job industry: sugar industry

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